Once a major hub for transcontinental rail travel in the United States, Ogden is a city in Utah about 40 miles north of Salt Lake City that’s experiencing revitalization. Life in the city and nearby areas is filled with economic opportunity, culture, and outdoor recreation. The quality of life here makes finding a house to buy near Ogden, UT a good decision for many individuals and families. The following are the top five reasons why moving to the area is a great idea.

1. The Economy Is Strong

Economic activity in the Ogden area is thriving. The unemployment rate is only 3.2%, even lower than the national average, and projected future growth is estimated to be more than 38%. There is a wide diversity of jobs in the area, with the largest employers being state and federal agencies. There are also positions in agriculture, finance, sales and marketing, and software development. As the area continues to grow, opportunities in other economic sectors are likely to appear. 

According to Forbes, the Ogden metro area serves as an economic hub for North Utah, meaning economic prospects are looking good for the foreseeable future. The Business Depot Ogden serves as a convenient, central location for many businesses to set up shop. Companies find the area attractive due to low costs of development, talented workforce, and the commitment the city shows towards growth. The area currently has a gross metro product of more than $25 billion dollars which is expected to grow by more than 5% every year. 

2. The Cost of Living Is Low

In addition to households earning more than the national average, the affordable cost of living in Ogden makes it easier for families to pay for housing, food, clothes, and healthcare. The cost of living is also lower than the average for the state of Utah, so it’s an attractive spot for families who want to stay in the state to remain close to extended family. Young families, in particular, will love the number of new properties that are available in quickly growing developments. 

While housing makes up the most expensive part of living in the Ogden-Clearview area, the median home price of $281,000 is pretty low when compared with most other cities in the western United States. This puts home ownership within the scope of possibility for many families that decide to move to the area. In addition, transportation, utilities, and food are also priced relatively low. 

3. It’s a Uniquely American Town

Times were rough for Ogden and the surrounding areas. Homes stayed on the market for some time because prospects for the community didn’t look great, but things have changed significantly in the past 20 years. Due to the city’s community revitalization program, the area is now a popular spot for tourists and new residents. Its charm and attractive spots like Historic 25th Street make it stand out from other cities of its size. As the area continues to grow, its unique character will only go stronger. 

Ogden was ranked 5th on Newsmax’s Top 25 Most Uniquely American Cities And Towns. While much of the area is a fully modern metropolis with shopping, restaurants, and theaters, there is also a historic, 19th-century sensibility that gives Ogden a very unique feel. When it’s time to pick a spot to buy a new home, Ogden offers more of a strong sense of character that many families are looking for when deciding on where to settle. Along the central corridor of town, both residents and tourists alike enjoy old architecture and street design mixed with modern amenities. 

4. Amazing Outdoor Recreation

The natural terrain surrounding Ogden makes the area ideal for outdoor recreation throughout the year. The most popular attractions in the winter are three different ski resorts just east of town: Snowbasin, Powder Mountain, and Wolf Mountain. Season passes at these locations make downhill skiing a possibility multiple times a year, even for families on a budget. There are also cross-country skiing, sledding, and other winter recreational spots available nearby. 

For hikers and bikers, countless miles of trails along the foothills of the Wasatch Range provide endless opportunities to enjoy the nearby wilderness. A boulder field along the foothills also provides opportunities for rock climbing for the more adventurous types. When the weather is nice, kayaking along the Ogden and Weber Rivers is a popular activity. During the summer months, Pineview Reservoir is the hotspot for summer activity. Located east of Ogden, this beautiful lake offers plenty of opportunities for fishing, boating, water skiing, wakeboarding, and even camping. It’s the perfect getaway that’s close to home.

5. A Strong Sense of Community

People who live in the Ogden area are proud of their community and show it in many different ways. From art camps and photography competitions to concerts and farmers markets, there is plenty to do for people with all types of interests, and new activities pop up all the time as new families move into town. The first Friday of every month features the First Friday Art Stroll. This regular event showcases the rich cultural heritage of the area with dozens of exhibits, performances, and shopping stands.

The City of Ogden cares a great deal about promoting home ownership in the community. They have a Home Sweet Ogden Program that helps buyers find new or recently remodeled homes for sale in specially targeted areas. The Own in Ogden program provides assistance with down payment for people who want to settle in the community. The mission of Ogden City Community Development is to create healthy neighborhoods by promoting economic vitality, recreational opportunities, public amenities, quality education, and effective transpiration as well as inclusive and efficient government. 

A Whole Lot More

While this list included the five best reasons for living in the Ogden area, there are a whole lot more. Apart from the beautiful scenery and good weather, the area is close to all the big city amenities and services ones would need. The surrounding towns of Riverdale, West Haven, and Marriott-Slaterville each offer a unique experience and driving to Salt Lake City International Airport only takes about half an hour.