Ogden, Utah, is a family-oriented city that is fun for the whole family. It isn’t one of those tourist and vacation spots that are known for casinos like Las Vegas. Instead, it is known for its beautiful scenery and outdoor activities. It is a family-oriented city with lots of activities that fit all age ranges. These kinds of outdoor activities include hiking, biking, fishing, climbing, and more. There are many rivers, reservoirs, and lakes to explore in Ogden. One of its rivers is named after the city, The Ogden River, and is a great spot for the avid fisher. There are tons of attractions and activities outdoors and indoors, historic sites, and rocky trails to explore in Ogden.

The Impact of COVID-19

Parks and outdoor recreational areas are open to the public as long as everyone participating is practicing social distancing. They advise people to be in small groups, visit during non-peak hours, and to stay home if you are sick. There are currently approximately 31,845 cases in Utah. Many people are still enjoying the outdoors and are keeping their distance from each other. Utah, for the most part, is a low-risk state, with lots of counties in the low-risk phase, while the other counties are in the new normal phase.

Memorable Things to Do

Ogden, Utah, is full of historical activities, like the Hill Aerospace Museum. It displays the historic U.S Air Force’s airplanes, vehicles, and equipment. This special museum was founded in 1981 and is located in the land in Ogden Valley. The Utah Aviation Hall of Fame opened up in 1996 and shows five exhibits: The Beginnings, World War II, Dawn of the Jet Age, The Cold War, and Keeping the Peace. This museum became the top attraction spot in Ogden, Utah.

Another place to visit is the Historic District. The Historic District only has three blocks but is full of things to see. Union Station opened up there in 1869. Later on, it became a vital railroad junction. Recently, the Historic District has also been known as Electric Alley. It displays wonderful art galleries, shops, and various restaurants. Today, the Historic District showcases car shows, musical shows, and the farmer’s market. If you’re a fan of history or love going to museums, art galleries, and more, you can find the perfect family home within a short drive of the Historic District when you move to the area. 

Outdoor Activities to Check Out

Many family households have days where they go out and do something fun together. Ogden, Utah, has several places to do so. It’s a great family-oriented city and a perfect place for purchasing a home. One of the most popular things to do as a family in Ogden is to go hiking. The local favorites that are well-known for hiking trails are Taylor Canyon, Hidden Valley, Beus Canyon Trail, and more. Taylor Canyon leads up to the peak of Malan’s Peak. Its scenic views are beautiful. It is known to be a moderate level of difficulty for hiking. Taylor Canyon has two exits. One of the exits leads to the basin, and the other leads to the town.

The other local favorite is Hidden Valley. This trail is known for its rocky, rugged, and forest views and paths. There are even a few moose on this trail. Hidden Valley is known to be a very difficult trail. The last trail is the Beus Canyon Trail. It is named after the Italian immigrants who were Mormon pioneers. It is a very difficult rocky trail. It can lead to Mt Ogden from the west side. Another popular outdoor activity is fishing and other water sports.

Fishing and other water sports such as water skiing, kayaking, and wakeboarding are very popular. There is plenty of fish to catch here. Some of the fish include largemouth and smallmouth bass, crappie, perch, and bluegill. At these lakes and reservoirs, water sports are very active. Some well-known lakes and reservoirs are Pineview Reservoir, Port Ramp Marina, and Anderson Cove. Some of these lakes and reservoirs are open and available but only for a small fee. 

Family-Oriented Activities

There are lots of family-oriented activities in Ogden. Some of their most popular activities are the museums, FatCats, Eccles Dinosaur Park, and the Ogden Nature Center. A few kid-friendly and fun museums are Treehouse Children’s Museum and Utah State Railroad Museum. The Treehouse Children’s Museum is noted for enhancing children’s learning in a fun way. The Utah State Railroad Museum features interactive and pictorial displays for kids. Another fun attraction is FatCats. FatCats features fun rides such as bumper cars, glow in the dark mini golf, and bowling. Eccles Dinosaur Park features many different kinds of dinosaurs for children to enjoy. The last attraction among many is the Ogden Nature Center. It features trails, treehouses, and more.

Living life outdoors is what Ogden is known for. This is what makes Ogden a great place to live. There are lots of homes and lots to explore here at Trappers Crossing. Ogden, Utah, is a great way to enjoy family-oriented activities. A city full of outdoor attractions and history, Ogden is a fun place to live overall. Its scenic views are unforgettable. The area is also known for its beautiful lakes and reservoirs, which make perfect spots for water sports and fishing. These lakes and reservoirs have several different kinds of fish to catch.

This city has numerous trails and paths to explore that are popular spots on a sunny day. Ogden is a great town to explore other hobbies such as scenic drives, cycling, climbing, and more. Ogden also features lots of live music festivals and events, including the Ogden Music Festival. Also, Ogden has self-guided tours such as Christmas Village, historic sites, and parks. Although Ogden is known for its outdoor activities, it also has a nightlife. At night, many can explore theaters, comedy clubs, pizza shops, and more. This city also offers fun and popular ski resorts, which is fun for everyone, and it’s a great place to discover arts and culture.