Buying a home is a big step, and purchasing new construction can be even more complicated than shopping for an existing property. If you’re currently exploring your home-buying options, there are a few things to consider before making that purchase.

Rather than making mistakes that will be difficult to remedy later, it pays to work with professionals to ensure you’re getting the new home you really want. Here are a few things every new home buyer should consider.

Shop for Financing First

It’s always a good idea to understand just how much home you can qualify to purchase. While it’s certainly possible to wait and discuss financing options with our sales team, visiting a lender before shopping is strongly recommended. Once you’ve got a better idea of the price range your new home has to be in, it’s easier to work with the sales and design teams to plan and construct the home you’re dreaming of.

Even if you’re shopping for one of our existing properties, it’s important to understand what types of financing will fit your needs. Lenders are not emotionally involved with a sale and are more than willing to discuss all the available financing options with purchasers. In addition, they’ll answer questions you have about how different down payment and tax issues can impact your mortgage.

In some cases, shopping for financing can save buyers a lot of money. Locking in a mortgage prevents buyers from having to pay more if the interest rates change prior to the closing. Ask our team or your lender if locking in a mortgage early is appropriate for your situation.

Match Your Needs to the Community

One of the issues facing new home buyers is matching their needs and preferences to specific neighborhoods. Take the time to sit down and figure out just what you want from a neighborhood. For example, if you like to walk or bicycle, look for areas that include trails.

At the same time, a home for sale should be in an area with the demographics you’re comfortable with. Retired couples may not be happy in a neighborhood with mostly young families and young children.

On the other hand, young families will want a home in an area that’s close to schools, parks, and daycare facilities. Even how far it is to a grocery store should be considered when purchasing a new home, so be willing to consider a variety of factors when shopping.

Some home buyers may value recreational opportunities above all else and are willing to make sacrifices to have easy access to prime outdoor activities. Trappers Crossing, for example, provides access to everything the Utah backcountry offers.

Customizing Your New Home

While purchasing a new home that’s already constructed allows a buyer’s family to move in faster, doing so makes it difficult to include custom options a buyer wants. Exploring the advantages of the purchase of a lot allows a buyer to construct a fully customized home that is ideal for their family.

If a specific type of cabinet or flooring is really important to you, those options are simple to obtain when you’re working with an architect to design your new home. It’s also easier to focus your attention on specific areas of the home and, if necessary, cut a few corners in other areas.

When a media room is important for your family, the design team will figure out how to make that area meet your expectations. If an outdoor kitchen is a must, our design experts can make it happen.

We also understand everyone has budget constraints, and we’re always ready to tweak designs to make sure you stay within that budget. We’ll review what’s included as standard in your new home and provide upgrades that allow you to create the home environment you need.

Make Sure Everything is in Writing

It’s vitally important that every one of our clients is happy with their new home. That’s why we encourage every new home buyer to make sure all their needs are included in the purchase agreement.

Yes, it’s possible to make mistakes, but we make every effort to ensure all the bases are covered when your new home is purchased. It takes time to make sure everything is included in the paperwork, and we recommend every new home purchaser is prepared to invest the necessary time to make sure all the details are included.

Review the Warranty

Every new home includes a warranty, so it’s important that purchasers are aware of what is or is not included in the warranty. Our team will review all warranty documents with you and encourage you to ask questions. It’s far better to ask questions now than be disappointed later.

Consider a Home Inspection

We’re proud of the new homes our team of experts constructs, but no one is perfect. That means there might be some detail that’s not up to par. For your peace of mind, we encourage you to have a professional home inspection. It’s a minor expense that could eliminate the inconvenience of an issue being discovered later.

Make Sure the Closing Goes Smoothly

We work with our clients and their lenders to make sure every closing goes smoothly. That generally requires quite a bit of legwork between the time you sign a purchase agreement and the closing, but that’s our job. It’s in everyone’s interest to make sure all the paperwork is completed correctly before the closing date.

If you have questions, we also suggest that your attorney review all paperwork prior to the closing date. A legal expert can explain the intricacies of the contracts involved so you’re fully prepared when it’s time to close the transactions.

Ready to Start? We’re Here for You

If you’re ready to move forward or have questions, we’re here to help. We love the Ogden Valley area and are sure you will too. Trappers Crossing offers spectacular opportunities for lovers of the outdoors, and we’re fully prepared to help you purchase a home in the community that will more than meet your expectations.