When someone makes the decision to build a home, there are many paths they can go down to do so. One of these is to hire a professional and experienced custom home builder. While this is a popular option, there are also benefits offered by purchasing a vacant lot, which is often a lucrative investment, especially for a future homeowner. For this reason, there are many people who avoid contacting a professional home builder until they have found the best land for sale that meets their needs.

Making the decision to look at lots for sale before building or hiring a builder has several pros and cons. For those who are ready to buy land before contacting a custom home building company, get to know the advantages below.

Gain Total Control of the Process

When dealing with custom home builders, it means the buyer is part of the project – from start to finish. The pros can provide advice on what to buy, as well. However, it is a possibility that some people may feel as though they are being pushed in a particular direction, along with a specific lot. There are some who do not want that, so they will start the home building project and let the professionals take care of everything.

When this option is selected, no one will demand someone to decide or give the individual a limited number of options. The homeowner or buyer can choose the location, the neighborhood, and the city. This means the home buyer can control everything about the future property that is going to be constructed.

Distribute Expenses Properly

There are some people who buy land or a lot before talking to a custom home builder. The main reason for this is because they are not ready to actually build the house just yet. The deal is the lot is a prime piece of property that just cannot be passed on. Since the builder has not been hired yet, there is more money to spare and it is possible to allocate it to building the custom home.

Knowing Where to Look

When it comes to buying a lot for a custom home, it is necessary to think about and decide on quite a few things that need to be considered. For example, where to look. For those who want the perfect lot, it is a good idea to work with a local real estate agent. It is going to help ensure that the desired results are achieved, regardless of where someone decides to buy.

Remember, in real estate, the top consideration is location. Knowing the options is the best way to ensure that the right one is found. A real estate agent is going to help with this, regardless of what a person is looking for.

Finding the Right Lot

When it comes to building a home, considering the right factors is essential. Being informed and knowing the steps to take is the best way to ensure the desired results are achieved. When looking for a lot to purchase, be sure the following things are kept in mind.

The Budget of the Homebuyer

One of the first, and most important, considerations to make when purchasing land or property is the budget a person has to spend. Land is not cheap, but it’s a great asset to have. After all, no more land will ever exist. What this means is that a person has to carefully figure out what they want to spend on the land they are considering.

Take some time to review financials and figure out an amount that makes sense. There are some lenders that will wrap the land and home loan together, but this is not always possible.

The Location

As mentioned above, location is critical when it comes to purchasing land. Take time to consider what is wanted and needed. Will the family be changing and need access to good schools? Is land near water desired?

It is a good idea to make a list of wants and needs for the property that will be purchased. With this in hand, it is possible to find a lot that ticks most of the boxes. Sometimes, working with a real estate agent can help narrow down the options, too.


Access is a big deal. When having a custom home built, big machines and equipment have to get to the property. Unfortunately, if there is no direct access, it will have to be created, which will cost even more money. Before choosing a lot or land, consider this. If access will have to be created, be sure to factor in the additional cost of this before signing any purchasing paperwork.

The Natural Landscape 

What does the property look like? Is it hilly, rocky, full of trees? This is important for several reasons. The more challenging the landscape is, the more a builder will charge to prepare it for building. However, unique natural elements can add the appeal of any space, especially for those who love having trees and other plants nearby.

While this is true, if a home buyer wants all these unique natural features, they should speak with a builder to find out if any additional work is necessary to get the property ready for the home that will be built.

Is a Custom Home the Right Option?

Getting a custom home built on a piece of custom selected property is one of the best ways for someone to get just what they want when it comes to where they are going to live. Take some time to consider all the factors here to achieve the desired results and love the area where the house is constructed.

Remember, there is the right land and the right builder out there. It is up to the buyer to find them by considering all the options along with the factors found here. Being informed and knowing what to expect is the best way to make the most of this process and get a piece of land that is perfect for a custom home.