Life in the city is harsh. Noise and air pollution, crowded neighborhoods, and always feeling rushed are among the top complaints of people who have settled in busy areas. In fact, those living in urban areas have a 39% higher chance of developing a mood disorder. It is no wonder so many people are itching to move to a more rural area.

What to do near Eden, UT

Those who are tired of spending their life in a cramped, unfriendly place should consider moving to Eden, UT. This area offers spacious and beautiful land close enough to the city to be convenient but far enough away to not be bothered by the noise of urban life. There are several reasons to consider making the move to the Eden, Utah area, so those shopping for a new home should read through them before deciding. 

Plenty of Outdoor Activities

One of the prime reasons potential home buyers search for homes for sale in Ogden, Utah and the surrounding area is the wealth out outdoor activities available. The areas around Eden, UT are filled with mountains, rivers, and lakes that are a perfect playground for nature lovers of all ages.


Hiking is one of the greatest activities available to residents near Eden and Ogden, UT. There are over 60 trails that wind through Ogden Valley’s picturesque landscape, each one with a unique offering for nature-lovers. Waterfall Canyon Trail is perfect for experienced hikers that love a challenge and is punctuated by beautiful waterfalls along the way. Casual hiking enthusiasts can enjoy dozens of easy to moderate trails, including the Malans Peak hike and the Weber River Parkway trail. 


Hitting the slopes is one of the residents’ most favorite pastimes and it’s easy to see why that is. Eden, UT is surrounded by top-tier ski resorts including Nordic Valley Ski Resort, Snowbasin, and Powder Mountain. 


The area near Eden, UT has several bodies of water that have ideal fishing conditions. Pineview Reservoir is an ideal location for those who love ice fishing and Browning Point offers year-round solitude for fishers, canoers, and kayakers. 

Activities for the Whole Family

There is a lot more to love about living in Eden, UT than the range out outdoor activities. Residents can enjoy several entertainment options perfect for the whole family, including:

Carver’s Cove Petting Farm

Carver’s Cove Petting Farm is located in the Ogden Valley and offers families the chance to interact with real live farm animals. During May through September, children and their parents can ride horses, pet and feed farm animals, and enjoy a variety of other farm-related activities.

Ott Planetarium

The Ott Planetarium at Weber State University is usually closed to the public, but regularly holds events like Science Saturday where younger children and their families can learn about the world around them. The public observatory is open year-round for outdoor viewing. These facilities regularly host field trips for local schoolchildren. 

Historic 25th Street

Ogden was put on the map in 1889 by the first transcontinental railroad. It was a true wild west town, becoming host to political scandals and frequently visited brothels. The town has changed a lot since then but has kept part of its rich history through the buildings on 25th street. Here couples, families, or anyone looking for a fun time can enjoy several highly rated restaurants and shops.

Reasons to Move to the Eden, UT Area

Those looking to establish roots in Utah should know some of the best reasons to look for Ogden, UT homes for sale. The following information shows just a few reasons to consider moving to the area.

Excellent Schools

Right next to Eden is the biggest city of Ogden, UT, where the school district is home to fourteen elementary schools, two high schools, and three junior high schools. Many of the schools in this district meet the nationally recognized recommendation for a student to teacher ratio of 18:1 and have a wide range of advanced placement classes.

Ogden, UT is also the home base of Weber State University, which boasts 230 degree and certificate programs and a highly active athletics department. They have multiple campus locations, online classes, and are committed to becoming a carbon-neutral facility, making them a forward-thinking establishment.

Breathtaking Views

Eden, UT is nestled comfortably at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains. Its location makes it easy for homebuyers to find a house with a breathtaking view of the mountains. The local flora blooms beautifully throughout the warmer months, giving the area an enticing touch of color. 

Lower Cost of Living

The area near Eden, UT is scenic and has wonderful opportunities to engage in outdoor recreational activities, but it is also less expensive than many other areas of the United States. Its low cost of living coupled with its small-town, picturesque living means residents report greater satisfaction with their lives than those who live in big cities. 

Wonderful Neighborhoods

Eden, UT is a small town that prides itself on strong family values. The camaraderie among neighbors is strong, and the community is thriving, making it an ideal place to raise a family. Homeowners can easily find support and kinship with fellow residents in one of the areas many churches or community halls. 

Plenty of Space

Many of the homes for sale in the Ogden Valley feature dozens of acres of land. Homeowners can stretch their legs on their private property, or fulfill long-held dreams of farming or ranching. Purchasing a large plot of land is a great investment, as the housing market has been on the rise for several years.

There is a wide range of reasons to escape the bustling city and settle down in the serene Ogden Valley. It’s incredible culture and beauty has made it a top destination for homebuyers in recent years. If you are ready to make the move to Eden, contact us to get started. Allow us to show you the beautiful properties for sale while you experience the area’s breathtaking beauty first hand.